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Offering resources for the natural product community

Addressing challenges in natural product research

What are the major challenges in natural product research?

  • STRUCTURE, PURITY & REPRODUCIBILITY: unambiguous determination of the structure and purity of isolated Natural Products (NPs), and their reproducible documentation

  • DEREPLICATION: performance of efficient chemical dereplication strategies and broad availability of dereplication data

  • BROAD BIOLOGICAL PROFILING: Isolation of bioactive compounds in amounts that are compatible with their biological assessment for a broad range of endpoints

    FRACTIONATION & REPRODUCIBILITY: developing methods for reproducible chemical isolation and associated biological testing protocols to promote the transparency of results.

  • MULTI-AGENT, MULTI-TARGET PHARMACOLOGY: Establishment of links between the chemical complexity and the biological outcomes of NPs

  • METABOLOMIC CHARACTER: improvement of the understanding of botanical and other NP chemical variability and complexity for biological evaluation.

What does the CENAPT do to help addressing these challenges?

Addressing the major challenges in natural product research requires

  • the establishment of synergistic collaborations between scientists from diverse fields of expertise,

  • an efficient communication and dissemination strategy

  • the coordination of research activities and outcomes

Collaborative Synergy.

The CENAPT functions as a central hub that connects natural product scientists and experts with both scientist and knowledge from other disciplines. The CENAPT actively fosters the establishment of collaborative research alliances, thereby promoting the exchange of technologies and expertise.

Communication & Dissemination.

The CENAPT aims at communicating and disseminating meaningful information on modern methodologies for NP research, focusing on the three research themes of the Center:

  • Research theme 1: Separation technologies for NPs

  • Research theme 2: Structural and purity analysis of NPs

  • Research theme 3: Biomedical mass spectrometry of NPs

Natural Product Research Challenges

In order to address challenges in botanical standardization, phytochemical isolation, structural determination, and dereplication, the CENAPT collaborates with the Botanical Research Centers (BRCs; P50) and the Center for High-throughput Functional Annotation of Natural Products (HIFAN). See also About.

Coordination & Dissemination (C&D).

Using the CENAPT website as an accessible outlet, provide NP scientists access to diverse resources by gathering meaningful information that addresses NP research challenges in line with our research expertise such as:

  • Good Research Practices (GRPs): documentation on well-established methods of fundamental importance

  • Perspectives: compile selected review articles on challenge topics and contribute to related research articles

  • Research Insights: gather scientific advice and thoughts from eminent NP scientists

  • Resource Links: Compile a comprehensive, critically edited list of useful web resources dedicated to structural elucidation, dereplication, and structural reproducibility,

  • List of events/ scientific meetings addressing diverse NP topics

Contact us

Email cenapt@uic.edu for any questions and suggestion regarding our diverse resources, including documentation of Good Research Practices (GRPs) publications of interest, or with inquiries regarding potential future collaborations wit CENAPT.

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