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✍ DNA barcoding for botanical ID... Where to start?

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Check out our Botanical/ Natural Product Integrity Page. The CENAPT team has worked on a resource to help our fellow phytochemists in their botanical identification endeavours and demistyfy the implementation of DNA barcoding.


You will find on this natural product integrity page a few links towards: the CENAPT detailed DNA barcoding protocol, a freely available dataset (Harvard Dataverse) containing the DNA sequences obtained from each genomic region of each analyzed plant material as well as one PDF explaining the analyzed DNA sequences. The data set also contains a document that compiles the results of microscopic analyses and phytochemical fingerprints obtained for each of the studied plant material for their identification. Collectively, the DNA, microscopic, and phytochemical parameters can establish the botanical integrity of the investigated plant material. This dataset is accessible at https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/M8CW8Z.


☞ To make it easy, you can also access the step by step protocol here