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📕 Selective Depletion and Enrichment of Constituents in "Curcumin" and Other Curcuma longa Preparations

Tags: Curcumin CCC DESIGNER
Friesen JB, Liu Y, Chen SN, McAlpine JB, Pauli GF
Journal of Natural Products 82(3), 621-630 (2019)


Much uncertainty exists in science and herbal products referencing turmeric (T), turmeric extract (TE), curcuminoid-enriched turmeric extract (CTE), further processed curcuminoid-enriched materials (CEM), or curcumin as a single-chemical entity. To facilitate the rational chemical and biological assessment of turmeric-derived NPs, we introduced the DESIGNER approach of Depleting and Enriching Select Ingredients to Generate Normalized Extract Resources to Curcuma longa preparations. Countercurrent separation of a commercial CTE yielded four key materials-lipophilic metabolites; purified curcumin («purcumin»); a mixture of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin («purcuminoids»); and hydrophilic metabolites-and enabled production of a curcuminoid-free TE («nocumin»). Their characterization utilized TLC, 1H (q)NMR spectroscopy, and HPLC.