CENAPT - University of Illinois at Chicago

🎥 Webinar NIH Network Pharmacology 2015/12/02

  • Chair: Guido Pauli, Ph.D.
  • Introductions and opening remarks. D. Craig Hopp, Ph.D.
  • Overview of network pharmacology. Peter Sorger, Ph.D.
  • Discussion Point #1: How can the strategies of network pharmacology applied to natural products provide:

    • Better understanding of the overlapping biologic pathways and targets that result in development and persistence of chronic conditions (especially pain)?
    • Characterization of natural products, either known or novel, singly or in combination, with potential to modulate biological networks?
  • Discussion Point #2: What are the factors to consider when applying this approach to specific conditions versus more agnostic and “exploratory” topics including developing broader data sets of bio-activity for a large array of natural products (e.g. LINCS)?

  • Tools to unravel complex mechanisms of action for natural products. John MacMillan, Ph.D.

  • Discussion Point #3: How can these techniques help identify “biologic signatures” that might ultimately be helpful in clinical studies of natural products?

  • Barriers for implementation in the natural products community. Roger Linington, Ph.D.

  • Discussion Point #4: Considering the requirements of expertise and resources along the continuum from single omics to multi omics through multi-scale, systems level modeling, where is the field of natural products research best positioned to make significant advances as it relates to network pharmacology?