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Natural Products Events


📕 Pharmacognosy in the digital era: shifting to contextualized metabolomics

Allard PM, Bisson J, Azzollini A, Pauli GF, Cordell GA, Wolfender JL.
Current Opinion in Biotechnology ASAP, 57-64 (2018)

📕 Integrated analytical assets aid botanical authenticity and adulteration management

Simmler C, Graham JG, Chen SN, Pauli GF.
Fitoterapia ASAP, xxx-yyy (2017)
“How and why metabolomics should be integrated in the quality control toolset for the determination of botanical authenticity“

📕 The Essential Medicinal Chemistry of Curcumin

Nelson KM, Dahlin JL, Bisson J, Graham J, Pauli GF, Walters MA
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry ASAP, xxx-yyy (2017)
DOI:10.1021/acs.jmedchem.6b00975 [OpenAccess]
Curcumin is an improbable lead for new drugs

📕 Improvements to the Practical Usability of the “Crystalline Sponge” Method for Organic Structure Determination

Greyson W. Waldhart, Neal P. Mankad, and Bernard D. Santarsiero
Organic Letters ASAP, xxx-yyy (2016)
Advancing the crystalline sponge technique for the structural analysis of small molecules

📕 Dissemination of original NMR data enhances reproducibility and integrity in chemical research

Bisson J, Simmler C, Chen SN, Friesen JB, Lankin DC, Pauli GF
Natural Products Reports ASAP, xxx-yyy (2016)
How dissemination of original NMR data could help chemical research integrity

📕 Toward Structural Correctness: Aquatolide and the Importance of 1D Proton NMR FID Archiving

Pauli GF, Niemitz M, Bisson J, Lodewyk MW, Soldi C, Shaw JT, Tantillo DJ, Saya JM, Vos K, Kleinnijenhuis RA, Hiemstra H, Chen S, McAlpine JB, Lankin DC, Friesen JB
Journal of Organic Chemistry ASAP, xxx-yyy (2016)
DOI:10.1021/acs.joc.5b02456 [OpenAccess]
Raw NMR Data Sharing using QuILTs

📕 Holistic Analysis Enhances the Description of Metabolic Complexity in Dietary Natural Products

Simmler C, Kulakowski D, Lankin DC, McAlpine JB, Chen S and Pauli GF
Advances in Nutrition , 179-189 (2016)
The scope of this review, covering literature of the past 5 y, is to address the relevance of 1H-NMR–based metabolomics in food plant studies, including a comparison with MS-based techniques.

📕 Can Invalid Bioactives Undermine Natural-Product Based Drug Discovery

Bisson J, McAlpine JB, Friesen JB, Chen S, Graham J, Pauli GF
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 59(5), 1671-1690 (2015)
DOI:10.1021/acs.jmedchem.5b01009 [OpenAccess]
Only 39 compounds cover the Natural Products most reported by occurrence, activity, and distinct activity