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A multimedia repository of shared materials: videos to watch or listen to, documents to read, and materials to download for further use. Do you have sharable material that other natural products researchers could benefit from having access to? Please send it to us at cenapt@uic.edu.


Raw Data Initiatives

CENAPT Guidance Document for sharing raw NMR data on Harvard DATAVERSE
Access to NMR data of the promiscuous/ubiquituous compounds including the IMPS (Invalid Metabolic Panaceas and Improbable leads)
Working together towards open science and data sharing across various disciplines including chemistry


links towards educative webpages.
link towards a listing of currently open source NMR software
The Manchester NMR Methodology Group organized a workshop on pure shift NMR on September 2017. Here is the link towards the different presentations.
with access to diverse NMR software, including those used in metabolomics, computational resources, tutorials, workshops and much more!
Check your structural correctness with Carbon NMR data


Highly recommended educative wiki prepared collaboratively by a community of NMR enthusiasts and specialists!


Past Events