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A multimedia repository of shared materials: videos to watch or listen to, documents to read, and materials to download for further use. Do you have sharable material that other natural products researchers could benefit from having access to? Please send it to us at cenapt@uic.edu.


A recompilation of news and links about natural products, organic chemistry and science more generally…

Raw Data Initiatives


links towards educative webpages.


This webpage contains various information regarding natural product integrity


This workshop is dedicated to understanding the principles of quantitative NMR and its applications in diverse research environments (Government, Academia and Industry). Three invited scientists will share their experiences and illustrate the different applications of NMR beyond structural elucidation. Dr. Charlotte Corbett (DEA), Dr. Arthur S. Edison (University of Georgia), Dr. Joseph Ray (Baxter International Inc.). Register through the ASP website
Discussion round-table addressing the major challenges for the implementation and dissemination of qNMR techniques.

Past Events


Strategies of network pharmacology applied to natural products
What is Countercurrent Chromatography? A short video with Dr. Ian Sutherland from Brunel University